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Real-Time GOES East Regions

The GOES-East satellite takes images of the Northern Hemisphere every 30 minutes and of the entire Western Hemisphere every 3 hours. This page provides real-time access to GOES imagery along with animations of the last 3 days. The Western Hemisphere image is generated once a day. These images are archived on our FTP site. Please refer to the Site Description.

  • Click the thumbnail for the most recent image
  • Click "Play last 3 days" for a streaming video
  • Click "Download" for a 1920 x 1080 mp4 file
Continental U.S. Region

Continental U.S. Region

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Atlantic Ocean Region

Atlantic sector

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Gulf of Mexico Region

Gulf of Mexico sector

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Caribbean Sea Region

Caribbean sector

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Daily GOES East 1745Z Full Disk Image

GOES East Full Disk

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